10 Spikenard Essential Oil Uses

I am absolutely loving my new Spikenard essential oil. It will be available for purchase on October 3rd, but I got it early because I attended doTERRA's annual convention this month. 

Spikenard gets its name from the spikes of the plant that the oil is distilled from. Highly prized in the middle East during the time of Christ, it’s referred to several times in the Bible. According to the Gospels, Mary Magdalene anointed Christ using Spikenard and it's fragrance is said to have filled the house.

doTERRA's Spikenard is sourced from Nepal and has a beautiful green color. This only happens when it's produced in this area of the world. It grows wild on the side of the mountains in Nepal. It is steam distilled from the root of the plant. Once they harvest it, they have to replant 10% of the root back into the ground so that it will regrow. They then take the root home and dry it for several days before they distill it.

Dr. David K. Hill, essential oil expert and chief medical advisor at doTERRA, said, 

When in doubt, get Spikenard out.

Meaning, if you aren't sure which oil to use, you can grab either Spikenard or Frankincense. Both of these oils are incredibly versatile and great for a myriad of different things. I have a feeling this is going to quickly become one of my favorites.

AROMA: strong musky, wood and sweet


  1. CALM & ELEVATE! Combine 1 drop each Spikenard, Peppermint and citrus oil of choosing for relaxation and mood elevation.
  2. RESPIRATOR SUPPORT! To relieve respiratory problems, add 2 drops of spikenard to equal parts of a carrier oil and rub the mixture on your chest. You can also try adding a couple drops of Spikenard to Breathe respiratory blend.
  3. EASE SHOCK! To ease shock, grief, emotional trauma, or panic attacks, combine 2 drops Spikenard, 4 drops Geranium, and 4 drops Myrrh. Apply to areas where you tend to hold tension and stress (usually shoulders, neck, and temples).
  4. SOFTEN SKIN Combine a couple drops with a hydrating cream to soften and smooth skin.
  5. RADIANT GLOW! Add one to two drops to your favorite cleanser or anti-aging product to promote healthy, glowing skin.
  6. LUXURIOUS HAIR! Add 1-2 drops of Spikenard and Rosemary essential oils to your favorite shampoo and cleanse as usual to promote healthy hair growth.
  7. SWEET SLEEP! To your favorite diffuser, add 3 drops Spikenard, 3 drops Juniper Berry, and 3 drops Lavender.
  8. FOREST RAIN DIFFUSER BLEND! Add 4 drops Wild Orange, 3 drops Juniper Berry, and 3 drops Spikenard essential oils to your favorite diffuser for a grounding, calming, yet uplifting aroma. (Thank you, Dear Lavender for the awesome blend!)
  9. WOUND CARE! Apply diluted Spikenard essential oil over wounds or cuts twice daily to help promote healing and cleansing of the wound.
  10. CALMING BATH! Add 3-5 drops of Spikenard to a cup of Epsom Salts and add to a warm bath to help soothe, calm, and relax.


  1. REGULATE HEARTBEAT! To regulate heartbeat, combine 2 drops Spikenard, 4 drops Helichrysum, 3 drops Ylang Ylang and apply over heart in a circular motion.
  2. SKIN RESCUE! To help with dry, irritated skin, combine 2 drops Spikenard, 3 drops Frankincense, 3 drops Helichrysum, and 4 drops Lavender. Blend with a carrier oil like Fractionated Coconut Oil. Apply over area of concern 2 times a day.

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