Welcome to The Foodwise Mindset...

This 60-day nutritional workshop combines the nutritional program, 2B Mindset™ and Marissa Hyatt's experience with meal planning, healthy eating, and making your relationship with food simple and manageable. 

Starting June 4th!

are you ready to be...


in control of your eating?


in a healthy relationship with food?


Living your life while getting to your optimal weight?

So, what is the 2b Mindset™?

2B Mindset™ is the first ever online nutrition program of its kind. But, it is not a "diet". It's a program to help you change your mindset and your relationship with food. 

No foods are off limits.
You can keep eating the foods you love.
You get to eat a lot of food. Like, really, a lot.
Exercise is extra-credit but not mandatory.


Meet Marissa Hyatt...

Your Future Personal Health & Fitness Coach

If you ask any of my friends or family to describe me, one of the words they would probably use would be ‘foodie’. 

I love food. All kinds of it. I love cooking, meal planning, grocery shopping, eating out, and basically anything that has to do with food. 

Over the several years, I have been on my own health journey. I've beaten depression, emotional eating & drinking, quit smoking after 10 years, and have fallen in love with healthy food that fuels my body, fights disease, and provides me with tons of energy!

My passion is now to help others transform their lives through what they eat, how they think about food, and how they move their bodies. 

I want to help YOU feel full of vitality, energy, joy, buoyancy, and excitement about your future! 

I want you to feel like you have plenty of energy to get through your busy days! 

I want you to feel like food is a friend not a foe!

I want you to love the body you're in! 


meet ilana muhlstein...

Registered Dietician & Co-Creator of 2B Mindset™

“I was only 8 when my parents sent me away to “fat camp…”

Growing up, I was always the big kid. I was never normal. I felt embarrassed and ashamed.

I tried new diets. Went to weight-loss camp every summer and even lost weight. Lots of weight. Then came home and gained back all of it…and more.

By the time I turned 13, I weighed over 200 pounds, and I felt terrible about myself.

I hated diets, because they made me feel hungry and deprived. Which was hard for me, because I’m an emotional eater and ate lots of food for comfort.

What I wanted was a way to eat a lot of food, be satisfied, and still lose weight. Nothing existed, so I figured it out myself. I studied and became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, all the while refining my approach.

It’s called the 2B Mindset™. It’s helped me lose 100 pounds and keep it off (even after 2 pregnancies!) without ever feeling deprived, and it’s helped hundreds of my clients lose weight too.

If you’re someone like me, who struggles with diets and emotional eating, I designed the 2B Mindset™ just for us.”


What you'll learn...

  • How to recognize “false hunger” and instantly satisfy it…without eating a bite!
  • What to eat FIRST at every meal, if you want to lose weight
  • The daily habit that instantly gets you ready for weight loss whenever you try it
  • Why you should always order first when eating out at a restaurant
  • How to deal with any craving
  • Meals that you can eat in BIG portions…and still stay in weight-loss mode
  • Plus dozens of proven weight-loss secrets for every eating situation
  • How to make a simple & doable mealplan for the coming week 

Success Stories...


Lakmini B. lost 73 lbs. in 9 months

“You literally can’t wait to wake up and hop on the scale. The 2B Mindset™ is one-of-a-kind, you’ll actually enjoy weight loss!”


Michael S. lost 38 lbs. in 4 months

“You’re eating a lot of food…large amounts that are healthy and satisfying. I am never hungry. It’s so simple, it’s so easy, it’s mind-blowing.”


Sharol B. lost 50 lbs. 
in 5 months

“I can’t tell you the last time I felt this good…everything fits me so well. I can pick out anything I want to wear and that feels really, really good.”

The foodwise mindset is for you if...

  • You want to be healthier and make better food choices
  • You struggle with emotional or mindless eating
  • You struggle with sugar addition & cravings
  • You can't exercise
  • You're looking to lose weight in a healthy way without dieting, counting calories, or restricting certain foods
  • You want to change your mindset & relationship with food
  • You're looking for delicious, simple, and healthy meal ideas
  • You've tried dieting and failed

The foodwise mindset is not for you if...

  • You aren't ready or don't want to change
  • You are unwilling to get outside your comfort zone
  • You think you already know everything about healthy food
  • You are addicted to your excuses for why you aren't healthy:
    • "I’m too busy to eat healthy."
    • "It’s too expensive to eat healthy."
    • "I don’t have enough time to cook at home."
  • You want to continue to feel sluggish
  • You want to feel like a slave to food.

what you'll get...

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 9.21.30 PM.png

30 minute phone consultation with Marissa Hyatt to discuss your specific needs


Weekly Meal plans by Marissa with recipes & grocery lists


28 Training Videos on 2B Mindset™ by ilana


15 recipe videos by ilana


30-day supply of superfood shake to kick cravings--marissa's favorite flavor is vegan vanilla


a year access to hundreds of online workout programs


Access to Private Facebook Group for community support and accountability


2 Weekly Facebook Lives with Marissa with tons of food & healthy mindset tips

All of this, for $200 or less*

Price may vary depending on your specific needs.
Does not include tax or shipping cost.

Plus 6 bonus items...


Getting Started Guide
It’s a quick read. Ilana gives you simple steps to help get your weight-loss journey underway right away!

My Tracker
Take a few minutes a day to write down your weight and what you eat and drink, and you’ll soon see what a “weight-loss day” really looks like!

My Go-To Guide
All Ilana's key 2B Mindset™ principles—always at your fingertips—in print, online, or through the app.

Dozens of her favorite, delicious, satisfying, and totally healthy recipes that your whole family will enjoy.

Water Bottle
Ilana always says, “More Water, More Weight Loss”—and this handy 30 fl. oz. bottle makes it easy to track!

The App
One-stop access to her entire 2B Mindset™ program—watch the videos and track your meals and progress right on your mobile device. 


Are you ready to adopt The Foodwise Mindset and transform your health, weight, and life?

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