Favorite Makeup Products

Here are my current favorite makeup products. I strive to find non-toxic or natural products. I realize not all of the products are completly 100% non-toxic (always looking for swaps though!), but the majority are.

Please know that some or all of the links below are affiliate links and that I may get a percentage of what you chose to buy.  



I've tried lots of foundations and this one gives me the most even finish. It doesn't melt away during the day and doesn't flake. Its medium coverage so it looks super nautral but covers up my redness and any blemishes I may have. I wear this in the shade Light Sand.



My ride or die concealer. I've tried loads of others and nothing works near as good as this one. Covers up all your dark circles and brightens your eye in a heart beat. I wear the shade Light.



I switched to a cream bronzer a while ago. I feel like it looks more natural than a powder bronzer because it literally melts into your skin. This one is non-toxic and is great for contouring as well. I have the shade caramel.



I love this blush from Tarte. Since I have pink undertones in my skin, it's hard for me to find the perfect shade. This one looks completely natural and gives you a healthy flush.



Highlighting is so important. However, I am not one who wants to look like a walking unicorn. I apply a small amount to the high points of my cheek bones, my Cupid's bow, eyebrow bones, and bridge of my nose. It gives you a natural glow without looking ridiculous. 


Eyebrow Pencil

If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one makeup item, I might chose an eyebrow pencil. I makes your face look "together". If you don't know how to do your eyebrows correct, watch some tutorials on youtube. Natural looking is key. I'm not one for the painted on eyebrow effect. Mine is in the shade Medium Brown.



Mascara is one of the hardest makeup items for me to really nail down a favorite. Some are too thin, too thick, too clumpy, etc. This one admittedly is a little goopy and isn't a 5 seconds application. You do have to work at it a bit, but the finished look is incredible. Volumizing, thickening, and perfect for everyday or a night on the town.

I'm a minimalist when it comes to makeup. I don't do eyeliner or eyeshadow everyday. Most of the time I'll sweep my highlighter over my eye lids or use a poweder bronzer like this one