Favorite Supplements

This is my current supplement routine. This routine helps with overall cellular health, vitality, and energy.

Please know that some or all of the links below are affiliate links and that I may get a percentage of what you chose to buy.  



This is by far the best multi-vitamin I've ever used. It has 22 essential vitamins and minerals and is bioavailable (meaning our bodies can absorb the nutrients). 


omega complex

Omega 3, 6, & 9 oils are essential for cardiovasular function and brain function. doTERRA uses clean sources for their fish oils and includes 9 essential oils that are recommended to take daily.

Alpha CRS 2.jpg

cellular complex

This guy is filled with powerhouses! Its incredible for energy on a cellular level, relieving pain and inflammation, and overall brain function.

TerraZyme 3.jpg

digestive enzyme

Everyone needs to immediately start taking digestive enzymes. These are game changers, especially if you have digestive or skin issues. They help breakdown your food so your body can absorb nutrients. I take these with each meal.

PB Assist.jpg


Gut health is said to make up something like 80% of our immune system. It's also crucial for brain function and digestive function. This one has double-encapsulation so it delivers the probiotics in the proper place in your digestive tract (not your stomach). I take these every night before bed. 



If you struggle with energy, chances are you're low on your B vitamins, particularly B12. This one is organic and contains ferminted vegetables. 



Ashwaghna is pretty incredible if you look into the benefits. It basically does it all. I take it to help with stress, anxiety, fatigue, and depression. But it can do tons more!


energy complex

This is a must for me. I workout pretty hard 6 days a week and this supplement helps provide me with the sustained energy I need to get through my workouts and be productive throughout the day.



In the past I have struggle with anxiety and lots of stress. This one helps me manage that and keep it in check. It helps me "chill out" and sleep well at night.


blue green algae

If you're someone who struggles with energy, you may consider adding in Blue Green Algae, Spirulina, or Chlorella. It's incredible for the brain, energy, and providing your body with essential nutrients.


essential oil cellular complex

This blend of essential oils is phenominal for brain and cellular function. It includes Frankincense, Wild Orange, Lemongrass, Thyme, Summer Savory, Clove, and Niaouli. 


Sleep Aid

When I feel like I need a little extra help falling asleep or staying asleep, this is my favorite. It's subtle enough that it won't knock your on your ass but powerful enough that you will fall asleep and stay asleep!

Morning Supplements:

  • 2 capsules Microplex VMz
  • 2 capsules xEO Mega
  • 2 capsules Alpha CRS+
  • 2 capsules TerraZyme
  • 1 capsule B-Complex
  • 1 capsule Ashwaghanda
  • 2 capsules Mito2Max
  • 1 capsule Rhodiola
  • 1 capsule Blue Green Algae
  • 1 capsule DDR Prime

Nighttime Supplements:

  • 2 capsules Microplex VMz
  • 2 capsules xEO Mega
  • 2 capsules Alpha CRS+
  • 2 capsules TerraZyme (with evening meal)
  • 2 capsules PB Assist+ (right before bed)
  • 1 capsule Ashwaghanda
  • 1 capsule Rhodiola
  • 1 capsule DDR Prime
  • 2 capsules Serenity Softgels (30 minutes before bed)